Sushi Sasabune

A Little Bit of a Hit to the Wallet

So every now and then I like to splurge a little on my food and spend more than what may be reasonable. I’m not talking about $100 plates (at least not in this review) but just a little more than I normally would on a meal.

But like I said in my previous post I’ve been on a new diet of mass gaining supplements which has been making me pretty hungry so I figured I could spend a little extra today and treat myself for the progress I’ve been making.Sushi Sasabune

My recent find was another small sushi bar on Wilshire Blvd called Sushi Sasabune. It was more than your average sushi meal (Yelp gives it a $$$$ rating), but they also view themselves as sushi for the more, how do you say it, experienced taster?? What I mean is you won’t find any California rolls, spicy tuna, or tempura. No seriously don’t even ask…it’s actually comical they have a sign letting you know you can’t order those there.

Blue Crab & ToroIf you can live without either of they rolls they don’t serve and happen to wander in you need to try the blue crab roll or the Toro, the Toro is amazing. Also something that separates this place from some of the other sushi bars I’ve reviewed is their rice. I know it’s an odd thing to think of when determining the quality since you may ask yourself “how can you really make rice any different?” It’s in the temperature, most other places give you the rice cold, here it is warmed.

Something I didn’t like though was the Spanish Mackerel, way too fishy for me. I felt as if I were eating 3 day old fish skin with the potency of the meat. Some love this, I personally do not.

Sit at the Bar

A little tip when you go here is to sit at the bar, here you can get some recommendations on what to get if you’re not sure where to start or just want to be adventurous and try something new. Overall if you’re up for a high quality sushi that doesn’t give that “uppity” atmosphere then this is a place you should check out.

Sushi by H (yes that’s the name)

So recently I started a new workout regiment to get a little more in shape. This routine includes the best muscle growth supplement (link in text for more detail) I’ve used combined with the Insanity program, however it makes me dam hungry!Sushi by H

I’ve been on other diets and supplements in the past however something about this one has heightened my appetite quite a bit. As a result I’ve been looking for a place that gives me more food at an affordable rate (since eating is becoming more frequent).

Last time I talked about Hide Sushi on Sawtelle Blvd. this time I found enjoyment and satisfaction in Sushi by H over on San Vincente Blvd.

This place is small as well so don’t expect to bring an entourage of more than 4 and get in right away. The setting is still nice though, the ambiance makes it feel like a higher quality place with the darker lighting.

The food is good too, everything was really fresh. If you’re really hungry go with the Shashimi dinner. If you’re picky about what to eat though I wouldn’t suggest this since it’s chef’s choice and you may end up with a $20 meal that goes to waste.

As simple as it is I always love the snapper, it’s the perfect balance of freshness and just the right strength of fishiness for those who aren’t ready for the stronger taste of salmon. But it you’re looking for some advice on what to try there that’s not the normal (spicy crab, California, yadda yadda etc.) you have to try these:

  • Deep fried Haru
  • Lava stones
  • Crab avocado harmony

Hope you enjoy! I’m gonna get back to getting my pump on, gotta look good for those ladies 😉

Hide Sushi

So today I spent earlier part of the day looking for a katana for sale to add to my already extensive collection and worked up my appetite for some good ole sushi.

I had hit up a place called Hide Sushi over on Sawtelle Blvd. Had heard it was a pretty good place with cheap food that didn’t lack in quality.Hide Sushi in LA

I ordered the eel avocado and cucumber as well as a side of sweet shrimp and toro.

The rice was pretty fresh which is a key component of the sushi roll. The avocado also was green, not that spoiled brown mush that you get in some sushi bars.

I got all of this for around $12 which is a great deal!

Now the seating was somewhat limited AND they do only take cash which is a bummer in today’s age but with the price of credit card transactions to small business owners it’s understandable.

If you’re down off 54 and Sawtelle, I’d suggest stopping into Hide Sushi and grabbing a roll or a few, they’re cheap enough!

Hello Sushi Searcher

Where Do You Eat Sushi?

Raise of hands if you’ve ever stopped made the mistake and grabbed truck stop sushi? Well we know how that always turns out.Sushi 3

Ok now have you ever gone out to a restaurant to eat sushi and thought “this tastes just as bad as the truck stop sushi”?

*Hand goes up*

I Have done both, multiple times…

Because of this I decided to make it my mission to hit every sushi bar I can in Los Angeles and share my favorites with my followers so that if you are in the area, you don’t eat truck-stop-ish sushi.

You can always check out sites like Yelp or other review apps but what the heck, I wanted to add a more personal feel to it plus provide a one stop source for all the best places in LA as opposed to you scrolling through each restaurant reading reviews.

‘Good’ Sushi

What do I base my decision on as to what are the best sushi places in LA? Well a few things I like to take notice of when determining the quality of a sushi bar/restaurant:

  • The freshness of the fish, it shouldn’t have a strong fishy flavor
  • The variety of sushi and sashimi
  • The rice, soft not hardened on the seems
  • Display of food
  • The atmosphere (are there walls of katanas and other Asian themed décor?)

There may be other factors in my decision making however those are my top metrics.

I hope you enjoy the blog and look forward to my updates.